Demola Spring 2018 - Final Pitch Event ! 19/04/2018

Drive Innovation with Co-Creation 2018 event – 19/04/18 powered by InventUCA, Université Côte d'Azur !

Final Pitch of the 2nd Demola Côte d’Azur season!

On April 19th, the Business Pole in Sophia Antipolis was fully packed for the Final event of the 2nd @demolacotedazur #cocreation season!. 7 teams, 42 students from 22 different degree programs had been working hard for 2,5 months on their projects with their partners and it was their time to shine and present the project results in front of the public and international guests from Italy & Norway !

The 7 students /partners teams were:

  1. Partner : CASA - Project : Business Park is the new Science Park 
  2. Partner : CASA - Project :  Business Pole the Place to Be! 
  3. Partner : GSF - Project : Responsible Uniforms 
  4. Partner : Marineland - Project : Marine Wildlife Learning Experience
  5. Partner : Marineland - Project : Interactive Marine Park
  6. Partner : Ville de Biot - Project : Citizen Counter
  7. Partner : UCA - Project : Be UCA!

If you want to join next Demola season in September, apply from the end of August on our website! 

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