Dream Life in a High Tech Park

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The brief

The Sophia Antipolis Technology Park was created at the end of the 60s. New behaviors and trends have emerged, locally and on an international level (new economic models, new generations with different needs and expectations, Technologies Parks with renowned best practices, …). We would like to explore some of these best practices that could work on responding to the expectations of the new generations (Y, Z). We would like to understand what is presently lacking in the Sophia Antipolis Technology Park to fulfill the needs of young people living, studying, working in Sophia and become an attractive Tech Park in France and in the world for them.

The background

Located 20 km from Nice Côte d’Azur international airport and Cannes business airport, the Sophia Antipolis Tech Park is a 6000-acre preserved area. The University of Côte d’Azur and economic players are also involved. Sophia Antipolis is an area dedicated to excellence and welcomes an important higher education with 5000 students and research centres based around the University (Sophia@tech Campus, engineering school), public research labs which employ 4000 researchers as well as the Skema Business school and the EURECOM Institute. A global competitiveness cluster, Sophia currently has 2,230 companies that generate around 36,300 direct jobs in leading-edge scientific research in the fields of information and communication technologies (ICT), multimedia, life sciences (medicine, Biochemistry and agronomy), energy, water management, risks and sustainable development. We would like to know how to make Sophie Antipolis attractive to the new generations, in the fields of studies, work and social life.

The problem

How Sophia Antipolis should look like in 2030? What would be the way to fulfill the needs of the new generations (Y, Z) in terms of mobility, social life and work in a place like Sophia Antipolis ? What could the Generations Y & Z expect differently in Sophia-Antipolis Technology Park and how to make it more attractive for them?