FINAL PITCH EVENT - 13/12/2017 | Demola Côte d’Azur

FINAL PITCH EVENT - 13/12/2017

Co-Creation 2017 event – 13/12/17

Final Pitch of the 1st Demola Côte d’Azur season & launch of INVENT@UCA

On December 13th, the Learning Centrer of the Sophia Tech Campus in Sophia Antipolis was fully packed for the Final event of the 1st @demolacotedazur #cocreation season and the launch of #InventUCA!. 5 teams, 25 students from 10 different degree programs had been working hard for 3 months with their projects and partners and it was their time to shine and present the project results in front of the public and international guests from Italy, USA, Australia & Vietnam!

Université Côte d'Azur Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis Polytech Nice-sophia SKEMA Business School MIAGE Nice Sophia Antipolis Faculté de Droit et Science Politique Nice Faculté des Lettres, Arts et Sciences Humaines de Nice ISEM Nice GSF Propreté & Services associés CROUS de Nice-Toulon Communauté d'Agglomération Sophia Antipolis - Officiel

The 5 students /partners teams were:

  1. Partner : CASA - Project : Dream Life in a High Tech Park  
  2. Partner : CASA - Project : Start-up of the future  
  3. Partner : CROUS Nice-Toulon - Project : The Next Campus Dining Experience 
  4. Partner : GSF - Project : The Matchmaker
  5. Partner : GSF - Project : Talent Magnet

The international jury deliberated and after a difficult decision, team “Dream Life in a High Tech Park” was awarded with special recognitions!

If you want to join next Demola season early Feb 18, apply from 20/12/17 on our website! 


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