Marine Wildlife Learning Experience

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The brief

As a zoological park, Marineland carries out 3 essential missions: education and public awareness, conservation of endangered species or habitats and scientific research. We would like to explore the deployment of new innovative educational solutions and experiences in order to raise awareness of biodiversity conservation among the largest possible number of people, especially the younger generations.

The background

The educational mission of Parc Marineland is at the heart of its activity. Welcoming marine animals, letting them discover them to the public, explaining their peculiarities, their skills, the dangers that weigh on them, the gestures to be put in place in our daily lives to help species in the natural environment are part of the information conveyed to the public. Some examples of the missions of the Marineland Foundation :,, We would like to explore with the project team new ways to raise public awareness, especially among the younger generations about our biodiversity research and conservation activities, and to develop innovative educational experiences with stakeholders in our ecosystem.

The problem

How can we develop our pedagogy for the younger generations in order to make them more aware of the preservation of natural resources and make our educational content accessible to as many people as possible? How can we use our marine species research and conservation activities to educate and raise public awareness?