The Matchmaker

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The brief

We would like to innovate in our selection process (using digital tools or not) and increase its reliability to find the right candidates. We would like to obtain candidates that match GSF’s values and skills and pursue a career within the company. Version en français:

The background

We provide hygiene and associated services to professionals, re-known in the hygiene sector. The company employs 33000 people worldwide, with headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis and subsidiaries all over France and abroad and make an 800 million € turnover. The recruitment and HR department is based in Sophia Antipolis. Our current manager’s selection process includes psychology tests, personality tests and real-work cases, but is showing his limitations and we would like to find an innovative way to make the process more reliable. We believe that a good match is a win-win situation: a successful external recruitment or internal promotion for a company means a successful career for candidates.

The problem

How do we turn an application into a successful career? How do we increase reliability of the recruitment process? How do we make better recruitment decisions and assess efficiently the candidates’ soft skills? Managers are a key position at GSF, as in any other organisation. They collaborate with stakeholders internally as well as externally. This is why making the right match is a challenging stake.