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The Next Campus Dining Experience

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The brief

How could we reinvent the user experience in the CROUS restaurants and cafes? How can we create lively and attractive spaces for students to enjoy and remember? The vision is to develop a concept which will improve attractiveness of cafes and restaurants in universities and schools, from Nice to Toulon. The perfect project will identify what would attract students and develop innovative ways to ensure student visiting and staying in our restaurants and cafés in order to contribute to lively communities in campuses. Version en français:

The background

The Regional Centre for University and School Works (CROUS), has the public service mission to give all students the same opportunities for access and success in higher education by accompanying their daily lives. Le CROUS Nice-Toulon organizes a wide range of activities in the service of student life, including scholarships, housing, catering, social assistance, cultural activities, reception of international students and jobs through the Jobaviz Student Job Center . The CROUS Nice-Toulon is managing 9 restaurants et 12 cafés (more than 4900 seats) within schools and universities from Nice to Toulon. We have identified some areas of improvement in our restaurants and cafés and actions will be deployed to take into account students feedback, such as increased offer (organic products, etc), and take marketing actions (improved signage, etc) for our restaurants and cafés. Our restaurants and cafés are usually large premises in the campus centre and will be refurbished in 2018. We would like to renovate these premises by taking into account user ex-pectations and needs and develop student commitment and experience. We wish to reinvent ourselves, be innovative, create lively spaces and change the way our premises are used, in addition to their classic restaurant/café usage. What could come out of the Demola team could potentially be duplicated in all CROUS restaurants.

The problem

Over the years, it has been observed that fewer students are eating and spending time in our restaurants and to a lesser extent in our campuses cafes, which is also a trend that has been observed nationally in the CROUS eating premises. We need to identify what keeps students away from coming and staying in our restaurants/cafes and potentially develop new ways, new activities, new usage for and with students to make the CROUS spaces unforgettable, attractive and unavoidable on campus. Could we reinvent the way the CROUS restaurants and cafe are set up and used in order to create attractive premises and new lively living spaces for students and other potential users? What could we do to encourage students to come and eat and spend more time in the CROUS restaurants? How do we rethink and reinvent the spaces and their usage to make the students stay and enjoy their experience?