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The brief

We are seeking innovative solutions to attract talents with the skills that are right for us to cover our increasing needs to recruit more than a hundred managers each year all over France. Version en français:

The background

GSF provides hygiene and associated services to professionals, re-known in the hygiene sector. We employ 33000 people worldwide, with headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis and subsidiaries all over France and abroad and make an 800 million € turnover. The recruitment and HR department is based in Sophia Antipolis. With a 7% growth per year, we are facing an increase in recruitment needs, in particular for key positions such as managers. We realized that we can lack visibility outside the hygiene sector as an employer and we would like to find out how we could make our company more attractive to the right candidates. We wish to make people want to join GSF and achieve a career with us. We are looking for innovative solutions to attract talents and personalities for the 100 manager’s positions each year, as well as feed our talent pool for future needs.

The problem

How can we attract personalities and talents that share our values and have the appropriate skills for our managers positions? How can we innovate in promoting careers which exist at GSF? How can we boost our employer brand?